1 ... The number one consideration is pricing. There are at least four avenues to pursue.

(a) Retain an appraiser. But remember, they look back, at sold comparables. Whereas Realtors tend to look forward.

(b) Obtain a Comparative Market Analysis [CMA], including both Active and Sold listings. A very useful tool.

(c) Visit MLS on your own. In San Francisco MLS one can save the search. In Marin MLS, one cannot, so it should be printed out.

(d) Visit nearby comparables on public opens. Never hurts to ask whether there is an online link to disclosures.

2 ... If and as appropriate, I recommend alerting neighbors of the intended private sale - especially those who are renting. Also friends and relatives in the immediate vicinity. This obviates the time and expense of public marketing. In those situations

If the home is part of an HOA, Home Owners Association, I strongly recommend contacting the owners/tenants of the other units, either with a flyer (if permitted by HOA rules) or advertising in the Association's newsletter.

3 ... If the home is to be publicly marketed I recommend a website, using the home's address as the URL. There are sites that offer website creation for a modest monthly fee. At the other end of the price spectrum is Open Homes Photography, an excellent resource.

Also ..... decisions on painting, staging, deep cleaning, professional photographs and virtual tours, property statements, pre-sale inspections, lock box, yard signs, countertop and outdoor brochure holders, public opens .....

Could some of this be avoided? Of course. Nolo Press publishes quality periodicals. I recommend For Sale by Owner in California.

4 ... I recommend that disclosures be compiled [see, Section 2] and that all applicable resale ordinances [see, Section 7] be complied with - all before the home is placed on the market.


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